Wild Berry Fragrances

Amber: A warm amber fragrance with musky notes of cedarwood and soft patchouli.

Apple Crisp: A warm apple fragrance with notes of caramel, sea salt, juicy pear, sweet vanilla and graham cracker.

Baking Brownies: A warm and decadent dark cocoa fragrance.

Bayberry: A spicy bayberry scent with notes of pine needle and blue spruce.

Bourbon Street (discontinued):  A deep woody scent with notes of whiskey, subtle butterscotch and oak barrel.

Brown Sugar Oatmeal: An indulgent fragrance with warm notes of caramel, vanilla cream, hazelnut, and crystalized brown sugar.

Candy Cane:  A classic candy cane mint fragrance with notes of camphor laurel, light citrus and smooth vanilla.

Carnival: A delicious burst of fruit fragrance with balmy notes of tropical fruit, succulent citrus, red apple, sweet jasmine and musk.

Champa Flower: An exotic floral with notes of rose, sweet herbs and fresh berries. Deeper notes include patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. Our version of the popular classic Nag Champa.

Cherry Vanilla: A fresh cherry fragrance blended with rich vanilla. Deeper notes include bourbon and maple sugar.

Christmas Kiss: A spicy pine fragrance with notes of bayberry, cinnamon stick and bergamot orange.

Cinnamon: A fragrant cinnamon scent with sensuous notes of cinnamon stick and clove bud.

Clove: A rich spicy clove scent with notes of clove bud, clove leaf and rich sandalwood.

Coconut: A toasted coconut cream fragrance with notes of smooth vanilla bean and nutty praline.

Deep Patchouli (oil only): A spicy and earthy classic.

Desert Sage: A refreshing herbal scent with notes of cooling eucalyptus, green sage, bright mint, rosewood, cedar and pine.

Dragon's Blood: An exotic earthy fragrance with subtle notes of pine needle, arabian sandalwood, musk and amber. Inspired by the aromatic bright red sap produced by the dracaena draco tree.

Egyptian Cotton: A crisp and refreshing fragrance with clean linen notes.

Egyptian Musk: A fresh white musk with notes of bergamot citrus, soft lilac, ylang ylang, lemon zest and tonka bean.

Evergreen: A bright woody fragrance with notes of pine needle, balsam fir, rosemary and cedarwood.

Fairy Dust: A fresh citrus scent with notes of bergamot, lavender, musk and patchouli. Formulated to mask smoke odor.

Fizzy Pop: An effervescent splash of lemon lime soda fragrance. Bright sparkling notes include energizing citrus, light orange flower and citronella.

Forest Dew: A smooth calming fragrance blend with notes of warm honeysuckle, spicy bayberry and rich vanilla bean.

Frankincense: An exotic tunisian frankincense scent with deep notes of woody spice and bright balsam.

Fresh Rain: A clean crisp fragrance with notes of bergamot orange, fresh lemon, rose, lavender, sweet herbs and warm musk.

Gingerbread: A warm buttery gingerbread fragrance with notes of orange zest, molasses, clove spice, nutmeg and sweet vanilla.

Good Earth: A relaxing fragrance blend with notes of crushed tonka bean, patchouli, shaved cedarwood, rich amber, jasmine, rose and oakmoss.

Havana Blue: A clean fresh fragrance with notes of jasmine, spicy lily, sweet herbs, luscious apple, bergamot, and woodsy green foliage.

Hearthood (discontinued): Heartwood incense offers the exotic fragrance of Middle Eastern Oud. Contains notes of frankincense, earthy patchouli, sweet vanilla and cedarwood.

Herbal Mist: A clean musk scent with notes of lilac, valencia orange, water fern, lily spice, and white hawthorn.

Horizon:  A bright fruit scent with clean notes of orange, fresh peach, sweet orchid, violet, jasmine and vanilla.

India Moon: A warm woodsy scent with notes of soft clove, deep patchouli, vanilla, vetiver and spicy cedar.

King Cake: A delectable cinnamon sugar scent with notes of fresh churned butter, agave nectar, powdered sugar and vanilla bean.

Lavender: A warm lavender fragrance with delicate notes of lemon, petitgrain, geranium leaf and camphor.

Lemon Citronella: Great for outdoor use a blend of citronella and lemon for bug control. 

Mountain Heather: An aromatic blend of lush greenery and balsamic spices with notes of orange peel, cinnamon, clove, jasmine and caramelized sugar.

Mulberry: A delicious mulberry scent with notes of grape, juicy strawberry, violet, rich vanilla and sweet almond.

Musk: A rich musk fragrance with notes of tea rose and jasmine.

MyrrhA soft myrrh fragrance with notes of white floral, deep patchouli and amber.

Ocean Wind: An invigorating citrus scent bursting with notes of fresh lime, tart grapefruit, warm jasmine, amber and musk.

Opium (type): A rich, spicy scent with delicate notes of petitgrain, soft lemon, ylang ylang, carnation petal, cinnamon, patchouli and warm vanilla. Our version of the popular perfume by YSL.

Orange Creamsicle: A creamy citrus scent with delicate notes of orange, lemon zest, sweet pineapple, coconut, and tangerine.

Patchoili: A classic patchouli fragrance infused with notes of jasmine, soft musk, clean cedarwood and frangipani petals.

Peace of Mind: A serene floral blend with notes of juicy peach, black currant, lilac, spicy hyacinth and warm vanilla bean.

Pounding Surf: An exhilirating airy scent with bright notes of sea mineral, watery greens, white water lily and clear musk.

Prarie Sage: A delicate clary sage fragrance with subtle notes of silver needle tea, grey oak, sandalwood and vanilla.

Pumpkin Spice: A spicy pumpkin scent with notes of red hot cinnamon, butter cream, clove buds, nutmeg, sweet vanilla bean and whipped cream.

Sage & Santo: A green woody fragrance with spicy notes of sage, rosemary, cedarwood, pine needle, frankincense and palo santo wood.

Sandalwood: A lovely sandalwood scent with notes of shaved cedarwood, delicate rose petal and rich amber.

Simmering Cider: A warm and comforting apple cider fragrance with notes of orange juice, lemon slices, clove, cinnamon stick and nutmeg.

Sugar Cookie: A rich buttery sugar cookie scent with tempting notes of almond, raspberry jam, sweet banana, rose petal, and vanilla frosting.

Sweet Patchouli (oil only): A lighter version of Deep Patchouli.

Tranquility: A sweetly balanced and peaceful fragrance. It calmly blends the soothing fragrances of clove, cedar, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood.

Vanilla: A warm vanilla fragrance with rich notes of vanilla bean, aged bourbon, and maple sugar.

Voodoo: A stimulating spicy scent with spellbinding notes of fresh ginger, peppercorn, cinnamon bark, aromatic cloves and vanilla sugar.

Wild Honey: A sweet honey scent drizzled with notes of caramelized sugar, tonka bean and creamy vanilla. Bright fruit notes include green apple, peach and strawberry.