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about crystal cavern imports

Our Story

My mom and I started Crystal Cavern Imports in 2017 when we were both craving a new adventure and better work/life balance than we previously had. We currently operate out of the same building my Great-Grandmother ran her small business from when she dared to compete with the male family members of her family doing the same.

One thing that makes us unique as a shop is the quality of items we bring to our customers. My mom and I hand select all our crystals & jewelry items for their unique beauty, high quality and good energy. We even inspect every bag of tumbles and palm stones before purchasing to ensure they meet our quality standards.

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to being as green as possible. We have eliminated all single use plastics from our product line and shipping materials. Any bubble wrap or air bags you find in your packaging is recycled from a local tool shop that would otherwise throw it all out. We also allow our neighbors to drop off their padded envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes and peanuts with us that they receive in the mail so they can be re-used and not wasted. All our shipments are carbon neutral.

The thing I am most proud about is our partnership with One Tree Planted. Each quarter we donate one tree for every order $35+. We know mining for crystals has an impact on the planet and we want to do our best to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We hope you love our shop and appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have for us 💕

-Alyssa & Karen


Who we are


What I do: customer service, social media, web design

Favorite Part of My Job: shopping for crystals 😍

Favorite Crystal: Citrine

Favorite Crystal Shape: Sphere

Favorite Color: Olive

My Zodiac Sign: Taurus

How I'd Describe Myself: hard-working, motivated, self-care guru, plant & kitty mama

What I'm Manifesting for 2022: Being more open to receiving



What I do: Photography, Product Management, Shipping & Fulfillment

Favorite Part of My Job: Working with my daughter

Favorite Crystal: Rainbow Fluorite

Favorite Crystal Shape: Obelisk

Favorite Color: Seafoam Green

My Zodiac Sign: Cancer

How I'd Describe Myself: motivated, creative, caring & proud Mimi

What I'm Manifesting for 2022: Good Health & Positivity