Sterling Silver:

1) What percentage is your silver jewelry?

    - all sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% base metal which strengthens the silver to make it durable enough for wear. Silver alone is too soft and will bend, dent, pull and misshapen too easily on its own to wear long term. 

2) Will your silver tarnish?

    - all sterling silver tarnishes. That is why silver polish exists! The 7.5% base metal in sterling silver is typically copper. Tarnishing is simply the natural oxidation of the copper in the jewelry. Some silver tarnishes less than others depending on the base metal mixed in but it will all tarnish eventually. The only jewelry that doesn’t tarnish is plated silver over a base metal or costume jewelry. 

3) How do I prevent/fix tarnished jewelry?

    - use a silver polishing cloth and your jewelry will be like new! Wearing your jewelry helps slow down tarnishing because your body oils prevent oxidation. I wear a necklace every day and I only need to polish it once every few months to bring it back to a bright shine. If you have it sitting around that is going to tarnish it faster. Leave it in a plastic bag to prevent as much oxygen as possible from hitting your jewelry to slow down oxidation.


Crystals & Fossils

1) Are your crystals & fossils genuine?

    - yes! All of our crystals and fossils are genuine. Personally I hate the new resin fad with art and crystals because it’s just creating more plastic waste so you won’t ever find resin crystals in my shop.

2) Where do they come from?

    - crystals come from all over! Most crystals are sourced from Brazil but some are found in Morocco, Madagascar, China, the US, Peru, all over! Many types of crystals only form in one location but some like turquoise are found on almost every continent.