Crystals for Change

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    1. Lepidolite: Known for its calming and balancing properties, Lepidolite is believed to help with transitions and encourage inner transformation.

    2. Malachite: Often associated with personal growth and transformation, Malachite is thought to absorb negative energies and promote positive change.

    3. Amazonite: Known as the "stone of courage," Amazonite is believed to empower individuals to make positive life changes and overcome fears.

    4. Rhodonite: This crystal is associated with emotional healing and balance, making it beneficial for those going through changes in relationships or personal situations.

    5. Selenite: Considered a high-vibrational crystal, Selenite is believed to promote mental clarity and aid in decision-making during times of change.

    6. Chrysocolla: Known for its calming energy, Chrysocolla is believed to help with communication and expressing oneself during times of change.

    7. Apatite: Often associated with motivation and inspiration, Apatite is believed to stimulate the desire for personal growth and change.

    8. Carnelian: Known as a stone of motivation and courage, Carnelian is believed to help individuals take positive action and make bold changes in their lives.

    9. Labradorite: This crystal is often used to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it useful for navigating changes with a deeper understanding.

    10. Tiger's Eye: Known for its grounding and protective properties, Tiger's Eye is believed to provide the strength and courage needed to make significant life changes.

    152 products
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