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Rainbow Fluorite Free Standing Slab

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Key Words:
Focus | Balance | Retention
♑Capricorn | ♓Pisces
115gs | 2.6" tall| 1.3" wide

A Rainbow Fluorite Obelisk is a stunning and enchanting crystal specimen that captivates with its intricate layers of vibrant colors. This unique obelisk shape showcases the mesmerizing beauty of Rainbow Fluorite, a crystal known for its harmonious blend of purples, greens, blues, and sometimes even hints of yellow and clear. The obelisk design adds an elegant and regal touch, making it both a captivating decorative piece and a powerful energy tool.

Rainbow Fluorite is a crystal of mental clarity, focus, and spiritual expansion. Each color within the crystal represents a different aspect of healing and transformation. The purple hues promote spiritual insight and higher awareness, while the green hues bring emotional balance and growth. The blue tones enhance clear communication and intuitive guidance. Yellow and clear elements bring a sense of positivity and light.

The obelisk shape of the Rainbow Fluorite Obelisk helps to amplify and direct the crystal's energy. It is often used as a focal point during meditation, helping to deepen concentration and enhance spiritual connection. Placing this obelisk in your environment radiates a harmonizing energy that supports mental clarity, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. Its colorful and vibrant appearance adds a touch of beauty and enchantment to any space.

Whether displayed as a decorative centerpiece or used in energy work, a Rainbow Fluorite Obelisk is a powerful and versatile crystal that brings a sense of balance, illumination, and transformation to your life journey.

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