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Flower Agate Tower

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Key Words: 
Potential | Passion | Perceptions   
♊Gemini | ♍Virgo | ♏Scorpio
3.6" tall, 1" wide

Flower agate is believed to help one tap into their creative energy and bring their dreams and desires into reality. Additionally, flower agate is thought to promote a sense of inner peace and harmony, making it a great crystal for those who struggle with anxiety or stress. Flower agate is also said to enhance one's intuition and spiritual awareness. It's believed to help one connect with their higher self and the divine, and to promote a sense of balance and grounding. When it comes to zodiac signs, flower agate is associated with Scorpio and Virgo. It's believed to resonate particularly well with these signs, as they tend to be more introspective and in tune with their spiritual side. 

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