Extra Large Rare Calcite and Pyrite on Galena from Bulgaria

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This is a super amazing piece of Calcite and Pyrite on Galena. It is very brilliant and sparkly in person and the photographs do not capture it as nicely as I wish they would. The combination of these three minerals is really something special. Even just from a décor point of view it would make an amazing addition to any room or display collection.

Calcite is a very powerful cleansing stone. It clears negative energies from the environment and aids with increasing emotional intelligence.

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone. It protects against negative energies and enhances memory. It also energizes the body and promotes understanding.

Galena grounds and centers your energies. It is a stone of harmony and promotes a connection between physical and spiritual bodies.

This stone measures 10" long and 5" wide and will come with a metal stand.

Please note that Galena contains Lead so it should not be used in elixirs or kept within reach of children and animals.

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