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  • banded calcite sphere
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Pink Banded Calcite Sphere on Metal Stand

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Key Words:
Cleansing | Energy Flow
Root | Heart | Crown | Third Eye 
Sacral | Solar Plexus (in those with orange/yellow) 



1.785 kgs and 107 mm

All of these crystals are natural and hand shaped so they may come with small chips and nicks in them. Any large imperfections we make sure to note in the listing.
All of our crystals are hand selected by us for their beauty and energy. We are extremely selective about what we purchase and we want to bring you all the best selection and quality we can find.
Our crystals are all cleansed with sage before shipping. This is the method we recommend for cleansing because it is safe for all types of crystals. Sound cleansing is also a great and safe method for all stones. My cats don't like the noises and they're the boss so that is why we use strictly sage.
You can cleanse hard stones like quartz with water but that can ruin softer stones so always do your research before choosing how to cleanse if you are using water.