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Single Use Plastics

Thanks so much for clicking through to read! Its a little long but bear with us it is important especially for the holidays...
We have been doing a lot of thinking about our business and how we can be better at eliminating extra waste and single use plastics. A lot of the plastics you see in your packages like bubble wrap and foam wrap have already been recycled. We have received them from vendors in shipments and reused them in your packages.
This won't change because it doesn't make sense to just throw them out. 
However we will not be purchasing any more ourselves and will move forward with thicker paper and corrugated thick paper wrapping to supplement when we run out of recycled bubble wrap. 
We know customers love our cute printed poly mailers but we are also switching those to thick paper envelopes. You will still see some for a while because we are using our back stock but we will run out fairly soon.
We also will be contacting some of our vendors, especially all of our bath bomb vendors who heat wrap the bath bombs in plastic wrap. We love them but if Lush can ship and sell bath bombs with no plastic so can we. If we cannot get these items plastic free unfortunately you will see them slowly disappearing from our inventory but they will be replaced by awesome package free or environmentally friendly packaged items.
Finally and most importantly. We are striving to use less packing in general. This means if you order multiple pieces of jewelry they will come in one or as few jewelry boxes as is safely possible. Earrings will come two or three pairs on a card or will come un-carded in a little mesh bag you can reuse to gift with in the future. IF you need multiple boxes and individual earring cards, etc. for gifting purposes you must add the gift wrap option at checkout. For each order that adds gift wrapping we will be planting a tree through One Tree Planted to offset the extra paper waste added to your order. You also may no longer receive thank you notes or extras in your packages. We really do love all of our customers and are truly thankful for your support but each thank you note we write and add to your package is more waste we could have saved.
Thank you so much for your support of our shop and we strive to continue to grow and support our community and environment in every way we can.
Karen & Alyssa